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Child Psychology

Helping little people and their parents with big feelings and challenges. Young children can feel and express a lot of big feelings.

Adolescent Psychology

Not quite child & not yet adult, the Teen years are a time of identity development. We stand in the storm of change and transition with you. 

Adult Psychology

From small steps to the bigger goals we are here to support and empower your mental health and wellbeing to live an effective life.

Burnout Coaching

Supporting you to find the balance between work, family, and you-time. Providing you with the resources to be the best version of yourself.


We understand that health looks different on everybody. Learn to live a healthful life, in a way that promotes autonomy and dignity.


Counselling and therapy support from the comfort of your own home. Especially important during COVID-19 where many of us will struggle. Medicare rebates now apply to these sessions.


The Centre for Effective Living is a Psychology and Well-Being practice serving the Upper North Shore of Sydney. Established in 2012 with one Psychologist working out of Westleigh,  we have grown to become a group practice with a combined team experience of over 50 years. We have become an integrative, one stop service which includes psychology, dietetics, occupational therapy and couples and family counselling.

High standards have been set in place, such that we continuously shape and challenge each other’s practice. Therefore, when you see one of us, you get the benefit of all of our collective experience. We know each others’ strengths and passions. Considering your unique situation, we will provide you with the therapist that suits your needs best.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an emotional or mental health problem, call us now to make an appointment – and take the first step in getting the support you need.

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New Enquiries

To make an enquiry with us, please fill in one of the following forms and our intake team will soon be in contact. These forms are secure and encrypted and will help in our intake team understand your needs and be ready to find you the psychologist best suited to you. You will also be automatically redirected to our Intake team diary to book a time for them to call you.

Taking those first steps to see a Psychologist and Well-Being professional can be daunting. At The Centre For Effective Living we take those steps with you. Psychologists and Dietitian to the Hornsby, Gordon and Upper North Shore community, we are a group practice with a collective experience of over 50 years.  We make sure you are matched with the right therapist for you.

Undoing our new normal: What to expect after lockdown

Restrictions are set to ease. With it, the hope of weekends with friends, of camping, of being with others, of diving under a wave, of picnics, of weekend brunches, of holding onto normality and never letting go. A pinch of normality seems just around the corner.

Yet for many of us, even these pleasurable and long anticipated activities will require re-adjustment, something that is often difficult for our mental health. We’ve become accustomed to living without them.  For many others, the loosening of restrictions brings with it worry or at least uncertainty, especially for those with pre-existing ailments, anxiety or medical vulnerabilities.

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Two Ways To Do Conflicts Well: Acknowledging the Existence of Multiple Subjective Realities and The Practice of Assuming Similarity

One of the ways I’ve been passing the time during this lockdown is by listening to podcasts. I recently heard of a podcast with an interesting premise that has stuck with me. It is a podcast that invites two expert guests to speak about their opposing views on a big social issue. The twist is that before a person starts to argue their own perspective, they must first present the most generous, charitable version of their opponent’s argument. In this conversation, understanding and perspective-taking precedes persuasion. I think this premise could also be a game changer for handling conflicts in our relationships.

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Done List

During lockdown, it can feel like productivity is drained away, as we spend more time than ever on screens, have less opportunities to see the people we care about, and parts of our daily and weekly rhythms are disrupted. To help, we’ve put together a ‘Done List’,...

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Conversations play an important role in recognising when someone is going through a difficult time and connecting them to the right type of care. Having a small chat can make a big difference.This easy-to-use tip is developed by mental health clinicians to help build your confidence and capability to support a friend or loved one who may be experiencing distress or a mental health challenge today and is shared through the Department of health Head to Health website. #COVID19 #support ... See MoreSee Less
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Model calmness.Do you need help coping with the Covid19 pandemic? Ring us on 1800 832 588 or send us an email at admin@effectiveliving.com.au and we will get to you. #COVID19 #covidcare #mentalhealth ... See MoreSee Less
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Have conversations.Do you need help coping with the Covid19 pandemic? Ring us on 1800 832 588 or send us an email at admin@effectiveliving.com.au and we will get to you. #COVID19 #covidcare #mentalhealth ... See MoreSee Less
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3 clinical psychologists have a candid, cosy chat, to encourage you in your parenting (because we are in the trenches too) and answer your questions to provide instant input. All three have clinical and lived experience in issues of parenting and child and adolescent psychology.TOMORROW IS THE DAY! Click the link below to secure your free spot now.bit.ly/3BahQGB #parenting #childpsychology ... See MoreSee Less
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Take some time celebrating the opportunities you’ve made to connect with friends, enjoyed a walk or bike ride, or when you’ve met small work goals or household chores. Download your free "Done List" here: bit.ly/3tHBdV7#DoneList #Productivity #Lockdown ... See MoreSee Less
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