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Child Psychology

Helping little people and their parents with big feelings and challenges. Young children can feel and express a lot of big feelings.

Adolescent Psychology

Not quite child & not yet adult, the Teen years are a time of identity development. We stand in the storm of change and transition with you.

Adult Psychology

From small steps to the bigger goals we are here to support and empower your mental health and wellbeing to live an effective life.

Burnout Coaching

Supporting you to find the balance between work, family, and you-time. Providing you with the resources to be the best version of yourself.


Counselling and therapy support from the comfort of your own home no matter where you are living. Medicare rebates now apply to these sessions.


The Centre for Effective Living is an award-winning Psychology and Well-Being practice serving the Upper North Shore of Sydney. Established in 2012 with one Psychologist working out of Westleigh, we have grown to become a group practice with a combined team experience of over 50 years.

High standards have been set in place, such that we continuously shape and challenge each other’s practice. Therefore, when you see one of us, you get the benefit of all of our collective experience. We know each other’s strengths and passions. Considering your unique situation, we will provide you with the therapist that suits your needs best.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an emotional or mental health problem, call us now to make an appointment – and take the first step in getting the support you need.

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New Enquiries

To make an enquiry, please fill in our Adult Enquiry Form, and our intake team will soon be in contact. These forms are secure and encrypted and will help our intake team understand your needs and be ready to find you the psychologist best suited to you. After completing the form, you will be automatically redirected to our Intake Team Calendar to book a time for them to call you.  

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HeadStart is a low-intensity, low-cost mental health programme consisting of 7 x 50 minute sessions with a Provisional Psychologist and 6 online modules covering key Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – based mental health topics.

A Provisional Psychologist will provide you with a mental health strategy plan and direct input into improving your wellbeing and addressing the main issues identified in your mental health strategy plan. If you are struggling with life stressors and adjustments, low grade burnout, and/or anxiety, HeadStart could be the program for you!


HeadStart has the following eligibility requirements:

  1. You live, study or work within the Sydney North Primary Health Network.
  2. You are 18 years old.
  3. You are not being treated by a psychologist or psychiatrist and would not qualify for a psychological diagnosis.
  4. You are able to do the programme online.

Thanks to subsidies from the Sydney North Primary Health Network, HeadStart only costs $350.  Click the link below and complete our Enquiry Form:

Psychology, Counselling & Wellbeing - Psychology and Well Being Hub Gordon
Taking those first steps to see a Psychologist and Well-Being professional can be daunting. At The Centre For Effective Living we take those steps with you. Psychologists to the Hornsby, Gordon and Upper North Shore community, we are a group practice with a collective experience of over 50 years.  We make sure you are matched with the right therapist for you.

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Psychology, Counselling & Wellbeing - Psychology and Well Being Hub Gordon

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