A Few of My Favourite Reads

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Child Psychology, Children, Self-Care | 0 comments

Children are amazing learners. They are making sense of the world through observation, exploration, experimentation, play, and stories. Stories, in particular, are a great tool to help communicate complex concepts.

It’s not just the age-appropriate language and interesting pictures that help with understanding. Stories promote an emotional response that enhances the connection between the content and experience. This not only increases engagement but openness to learning as well.

This is why I like to use stories when I work with children and thought I would share a few of my favourites.

The Invisible String by Patrice Karst

Helping children to cope with separation anxiety, loneliness, grief, and loss. Want to make the invisible string more tangible? Cut a piece of string for your child to keep and remember they are not alone.


Beautiful Oops by Barney Satlzberg

An interactive book that helps children to cope with mistakes in fun and imaginative ways. Why not start turning mistakes into something fun? Colour outside the lines, make a fallen block tower into an earthquake, face the wrong way in an elevator…be creative.


The Way I Feel by Janan Cain and The Way I Act by Steve Metzger

These are great companion books to learn about a range of emotions that can come and go, as well as a number of positive actions to make. They are helpful platforms to talk about stressors and successes.


All book are images from bookdepository.com