Adapting and thriving at home with your neuro-diverse learner

by | Mar 31, 2020 | COVID Care, ADHD, Autism | 0 comments

Parents of children with non-neurotypical learning profiles are some of my favourite

They have learned, often through blood, sweat and tears, to gather resources, accommodate learning outcomes, collect a support village, and reach for joy. They also remind the rest of the world that diversity is wonderful and education systems must be inclusive and hospitable places for every learner. However even this group of survivors have their limits, especially when it feels as if their carefully cultivated equilibrium has tilted and begun to careen off in a bizarre direction.

Across Sydney over the last week alone, families have had to adapt to a new COVID-19 normal. There have been fears, tears, and meltdowns (not just the children!) as schools scramble to move lessons online and parents negotiate working from home. Against a backdrop of global fear, the times are incredibly challenging, and a sense of what has been lost for our families has grown with every update.

However, here we are; adapting.

We are adjusting to new ways to shop, work, and educate our children. The challenges are undeniable, however parents of neuro-diverse children have an edge – we understand that learning involves striving. We are used to smashing through barriers and we are good at grabbing the resources we need to turn striving into thriving, against the odds.

However, we are also vulnerable to overwhelming stress without our usual supports, and our children become vulnerable too.

The psychologists and therapists at The Centre for Effective Living are passionate about what they do in the parenting and neuro-developmental space and it’s business as usual (now that Zoom has become usual!). We have worked with our child, adolescent and adult clients significant transitions and chronic stress. We are able to support families in the following areas:

  • Stress management + self-care for parents
  • Communication strategies for talking through difficult global issues
  • Strategies to address family stress
  • Managing compliance with home learning (giving instructions, communication strategies, establishing family rules + routines)
  • Emotional and psychological support for children with specific learning and neurodevelopmental disorders (Eg Dyslexia, ADHD)
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Helping children manage bossy thoughts and relentless worries

Children don’t need to lose their village, and parents don’t need to suffer alone with family stress. We can step into that space with you. We have expertise and evidence-based strategies to help you survive and thrive.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the task of managing your neuro-diverse child’s home learning, why not call the centre for more details?