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Managing change with psychological flexibility

After a recent family relocation, I have been thinking a lot about how my family and I deal with change. I recalled many of the changes across my life; international moves with my children all born on different continents, two very different careers, family members passing away, my children becoming teenagers. Change still brings up complex emotion for me, yet I realise I have also changed my orientation toward it over the years.

How much is too much when it comes to screen time?

As Psychologists we often get asked about how much screen time is appropriate for young people. This question often comes from the concern that screen time, in and of itself, is a ‘bad’ thing and should be limited – however it is important to acknowledge that digital technology is a part of modern life and brings many benefits – including opportunities for learning and socialising.

Getting Ready for the HSC Exams

In my job I have had the pleasure of working with numerous young people over the years prepare to sit their HSC exams. As the 2020 HSC exams approach for another year, I have found myself again discussing these ‘big exams’. It is not uncommon for these conversations to assist the young person in addressing their expectations and reducing the pressure they put on themselves. For many, HSC exams are approached with a fear of failure- that they will achieve significantly worst results than any other exam period in the past. The exams are perceived as significantly different from past exams. They are seen as like ‘nothing before’.

Self Compassion for Parents

When was the last time you beat yourself up for the way you acted towards your kids? Parenting is hard enough, but it can be made even harder by being your own worst critic. Maybe there’s a voice in your head saying that you’re a terrible parent because you lost your temper this morning, or you feel like a failure because you’ve missed your child’s basketball game two weekends in a row.

How to Respond to Bullying

As children grow and learn, they are constantly navigating social relationships and learning how to interact with others. Sadly, for many children, this also means learning to cope with bullies.

Bullying is a pattern of behaviour – it is a set of repeated, deliberate, unkind, and/or unsafe social, verbal, physical or cyber behaviour that causes harm to someone who has less power.

I was out for a walk today and noticed this sign. It looked like a regular tree out the front of a regular house. When I planned upwards I noticed that it was a very tall tree indeed. Branches of that…

I was out for a walk today and noticed this sign. It looked like a regular tree out the front of a regular house. When I planned upwards I noticed that it was a very tall tree indeed. Branches of that size falling from that height would indeed cause some decent damage to those walking past and those seeking shade underneath.

I thought a little about watching out for our branches shedding, from the winds of stress, and the brittleness of exhaustion. We too can shed in ways that could (unwittingly) cause harm to those who take shelter from us.

For some upcoming programs to prevent this from happening see the comments!

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Parenting Advice: Relationship Matters!

It’s no doubt that being a parent or caregiver is one of the most challenging roles in the world. You are on call 24/7 - the nurse, the counsellor, the friend, the taxi, the bank, the maid, the chef, the problem solver - going above and beyond to try to meet your child’s needs and care for them. No matter what role you adopt for your child, at the end of the day the relationship with your child is what matters most.

What does a child psychologist do?

If you’re thinking about taking your child to see a psychologist, it is normal to have questions about what child psychologists do, and how they can help your family. In this blog, I’ll answer some commonly asked questions about what a child psychologist does.

Why Am I So Rejection-Sensitive? 

While it is true that no-one actually enjoys feeling rejected, for some of us, a sensitivity to rejection can become more than the sum of its parts - it can become a mechanism for social isolation and chronic mental health issues. If this is your experience, understanding the components that have come together to create your sensitivity is an important place to start. 

Good Habits for Students

I often observe that some habits that lead to overwork or avoidance stem as far back as high school or university days. Here I map out something I did with my high schooler this weekend that respected their need for meaning and interest in their work, while juggling commitments to their overall study load.

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