Childhood Challenges

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Childhood Challenges - Psychology and Well Being Hub GordonThe Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report on Australia’s Children (2020) indicated that in 2013-2014 almost 14% of 4-11-year-olds experienced mental illness, and in 2015 7.4% of 0-14-year-olds had some level of disability.

It is no surprise then that many enquiries are made for children with Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Anxiety. These children face additional challenges as they develop and grow, which often impacts their wellbeing. Understandably causing concern for caregivers.

As confronting as these statistics are. As concerning as the wellbeing of children with additional needs is. It may overshadow common challenges children may struggle to cope with. It is easy to forget that healthy and happy children experience problems and may need help to deal with them.

Childhood Challenges - Psychology and Well Being Hub GordonSome common childhood challenges:

  • Bullying
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Conflict with friends
  • Difficulties making and/or keeping friends
  • Difficulties communicating assertively
  • Resisting screen time rules
  • Live with a sibling with additional needs

Childhood Challenges - Psychology and Well Being Hub Gordon

You might be wondering how you know your child needs help with a challenge. Although not an exhaustive list some common signs include changes in eating, sleeping, mood (easily upset, angered, or worried), and/or behaviour. For example, they may talk about the problem excessively or try to avoid it all together. They may also withdraw or show hesitancy engaging in enjoyable activities.

At the Centre for Effective Living we have Clinical Psychologists, Psychologists, and Provisional Psychologists who can work together to support children and their parents build tools for recognising and utilising strengths, coping, responding to bullying, managing friendships, and communicating assertively.

Does your child need help to deal with a challenge? Why not give us a call?