Christian Psychologist Sydney

The Centre For Effective Living provides a holistic service to all of our community, regardless of race or religion.

Christian Psychologist Sydney

There are many reasons why clients look for a  Christian Psychologist with the same Christian faith.  The Centre For Effective Living frequently is contacted by Christian clients who are looking for a Christian Psychologist in the Sydney area.  These reasons could be:

  •  Feeling a need to have a Christian Psychologist who understands the faith framework and values as them, this helps with reducing the need to explain things
  • Needing to have some specific context relevant to the Christian faith

Do I Need To See A Christian Psychologist?

It is important to see a Psychologist who is trained to help you with the specific issues you are facing.  It is also important to feel a connection and fit with the Psychologist you see.  Sometimes that fit includes feeling comfortable with a Christian Psychologist whom you can share a similar world view with and incorporate key personal and faith value into your therapy.

Who are some of your clients who seek you as a Christian Psychologist?

Clients who seek a Christian Psychologist come from all walks of life and all areas of Sydney.  The Centre For Effective Living also have clients who come from bible colleges, clergy and their families, international ministry workers.  Our clients come from Sydney, rural areas, all around Australia and the World!  At any given week a Centre For Effective Living practitioner has several of our clients in these situations.

Are all your Psychologists Christians?

Currently our Psychologists and Therapist Aide are Christians.

I am not a Christian how will this impact me?

At The Centre For Effective Living we offer our service to all of our community regardless of faith.  We hold all religious views with respect and will be honoured to walk your journey with you in line with your beliefs.  


For those seeking a Psychologist who shares the same Christian faith, we have Psychologists who would happily meet this need.  Please call the main line on 1800 832 588 or send us an email through our Contact page with your request.

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