Done List

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Psychology, COVID-19, Lockdown, Self-Care | 0 comments

During lockdown, it can feel like productivity is drained away, as we spend more time than ever on screens, have less opportunities to see the people we care about, and parts of our daily and weekly rhythms are disrupted.

To help, we’ve put together a ‘Done List’, which, as it sounds, changes our focus from what still needs to be done, from what is hanging over our heads on our never-ending ‘To-Do List’, and instead centres our perspective on what we’ve already achieved, however small. In doing so, we can more readily remember the highlights, achievements and nice moments of our day or week, and feel motivated to add more to our list of accomplishments. Particularly in lockdown, productivity is not the key to wellbeing, but only one aspect. Take some time celebrating the opportunities you’ve made to connect with friends, enjoyed a walk or bike ride, or when you’ve met work goals or household chores.

We’ve made a template to help guide you, but it’s as simple as keeping a list (on your phone or on paper) of what you’ve achieved; eight hours of sleep, eating breakfast, getting news updates… and breaking down larger tasks into the small steps you took to achieve them; clarified with boss the vision for project, attended management meeting, wrote 1000 words on financial report. Why not give it a try this week?

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