Forgotten Strengths of Neurodiverse Children

by | Sep 4, 2020 | Carers, ADHD, Autism, Children | 0 comments

Work as a Psychologist tends to focus on the problems, the difficulties, the challenges a child is facing. And for neurodiverse children, for those with ADHD, ASD, Learning Difficulties, or a combination, there seems to be more challenges. Life seems like an uphill struggle for them and parents are naturally concerned about their child’s experience and what it means for their future.

The concept of neurodiversity can help in shifting the mindset. Neurodiversity views brain differences as differences, rather than deficits. This viewpoint not only helps to reduce stigma but also helps us as the adults to look beyond the challenges, the deficits, the difficulties, the problems, to the strengths. It is the strengths of these children that are frequently forgotten.

Neurodiverse children are some of the most energetic, passionate, curious, and kind children I have worked with. Yes, it can sometimes feel like a loud whirlwind has entered the room. But when this ball of energy can be focused through using their interests, I am amazed at the creative and out of the box ideas that can occur. It is their strengths that make them excellent engineers, scientists, accountants, chefs, artists, builders, etc.

Every child is unique and neurodiverse children are no exception. It is important to recognise and use their strengths. I wonder what you can learn from your child’s strengths?