A good leader chooses to be vulnerable

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With our national election this Saturday, the nation is thinking about leadership. However, leaders aren’t just politicians or CEOs. You’re a leader – and a good leader – if you see potential in others and try to develop it. Many of us may be leaders without realising it.

So how does a leader lead well? What qualities come to mind when you think of good leadership?

Perhaps you think of good judgment, the ability to take risks and to make decisions with confidence. But what about a willingness to be vulnerable? Do you also see that as the quality of a leader? 

Researcher Brene Brown has interviewed thousands of leaders globally on the future of leadership. Her research has resulted in a model of Daring Leadership. I find this model helpful, with its central truth that courage in leadership is not just about looking confident. It is also about being able to sit with vulnerability.

Brene Brown defines vulnerability as stepping into uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. A person who avoids vulnerability might shield themselves with defensiveness, anger or perfectionism. A daring leader, however, removes this shield. They sit with the vulnerability needed to approach rather than avoid hard conversations. They’re aware of emotions and how these affect both themselves and others. They are also willing to be accountable instead of passing the blame. 

Vulnerability is not a weakness but a strength.

If you would like to discover more about how to step up into good and brave leadership, have a look at these two resources:

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