Online resources to support teenage development

by | May 3, 2021 | Adolescent Psychology, Parenting | 0 comments

Online resources to support teenage development - Psychology and Well Being Hub GordonEveryone needs some form of support, but teenagers are one of the demographics that need it the most. Teenagers need both support and knowledge as they learn to engage with the world, and parents are a vital source of information for teens for areas they are not familiar with.

Here at the Centre for Effective Living, we have put together some recommended online resources that are perfect for parents to engage with to feel better equipped to support their teen. What is more, these sites can spark opportunities to share and discuss valuable information, as teens live their lives in both the real world and the virtual world.

Our first recommendation is the ‘Positive Choices’ Drug and Alcohol Information website. Their aim for parents is to ‘Get informed, stay smart, stay safe’ on the effects and impacts of drugs and alcohol. In the age of exploration, many teens try these substances without knowing the consequences, so conversations beforehand are vital. Access to this website can be found at Positive Choices.

Our second recommended read for parents is the ‘eSafety Commissioner’ website. Internet safety online is now more important than ever for younger people, as so much of their education, social engagement and world is online. Most parents are not aware of what their teens do and encounter online. Curiosity can lead to an endless hole for teen, so it is critical to guide teens to best ways to access the internet and being alert to potential dangers. Some examples of what they may encounter or do online are cyberbullying and sexting. The eSafety website is not only for the parents, but it is also for the teenagers themselves, having specifically been designed in a way that is accessible to teens. To read more about this, you can find it at eSafety.

Our third and last recommended website is ‘Moodgym’. Mental health is arguably one of the most important issues surrounding society recently, particularly for teenagers. They start to experience new emotions and feel more pressure about themselves and the world that surrounds them. And yet, it is known that teens can find it difficult to open up and share their thoughts with their parents, or even with a psychologist. So, here’s where Moodgym comes in. Moodgym is a free, self-help, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy program. The program has been specifically designed to both educate and provide treatment for depression and anxiety in 15–25-year-olds, and may be a helpful first step in improving their mental health. You can learn more about this at

At the Centre for Effective Living, we know it is important that both parents and teenagers are equipped to face some of the larger stresses and concerns that come in teenage life. If you want more information and assistance regarding matters parenting teenagers, or if you want further guidance and support for yourself, please contact us, and we will be glad to talk with you.