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Concrete Steps(TM)


Get all 6 modules for our mental health primer that takes you through vital steps to enhance your mental health. Covering the essential steps in all our therapy sessions, giving you a head start to your therapy sessions, or as a stand alone programme to do at your own pace.

Concrete Steps(TM) For Parents


Get all 6 modules for our mental health primer that takes you through vital steps to journey with your child with their mental health. Covering the essential steps in all our therapy sessions, giving you a head start to your therapy sessions, or as a stand alone programme to do at your own pace.


Rapid Reset(TM)


Valerie Ling our Founder and Burnout prevention coach has a simple and easy way to enhance self care habits. Rapid Reset(TM) is an online guided programme delivered by Valerie herself.


Our Concrete Steps(TM) Modules are also available as standalone courses:


Free Mental Health and Well-being Primer


This is Module 1 of our mental health and well-being course Concrete Steps(TM). Get it free as a taster of the whole course, and discover the world of minds, brains and foundations of well-being

Help Me Work on My Negative Thoughts


This course on Unhelpful Thinking Styles works through common unhelpful and negative thought patterns that are linked to depression, anxiety and stress.  Work on it in your own pace through our e-mental health hub. This is Module 2 of our Concrete Steps(TM) online programme.

Improve My Sleep and Eating Patterns


Here we focus on your self care practices, improving sleep and eating.  We’ll look at some practical strategies for getting more sleep, feeling better about our diet and how these things can really improve our mental health. This is Module 3 of our Concrete Steps(TM) online programme.

Enhance My Mood Through Behavioural Activation


Behavioural activation is a way to gently jump start to our mood by working out small and easy steps to feed your mind and body with positive input. This is Module 4 of our Concrete Steps(TM) online programme focussing on self care through behavioural activation.

Get The Key To Unlock Anxiety Management


Here are some effective ways to start the journey towards identifying and managing your anxiety. This is Module 5 of our Concrete Steps(TM) online programme focussing on anxiety management.


Anchor My Mind Through Mindfulness


Mindfulness is an effective method to calm and diffuse swirling moods. This is Module 6 of our Concrete Steps(TM) online programme focussing on the practice of mindfulness


Our clinical team at the Centre For Effective Living regularly creates helpful resources to guide and support you on your wellness journey. Sign up for one (or more!) of the free resources below and have it sent straight to your inbox.




Free Burnout Prevention e-book


Written by Valerie Ling our Founder, she shares her personal tips on staying balanced while living in the fast lane. 


‘Mindful Moments’ Mp3’s


Join Lauren as she takes you through ‘Mindful Moments’, a collection of guided listening exercises to help you practice the art of mindfulness and find peace in your day. By Lauren Chee, Psychologist.


Done List


A ‘Done List’ changes our focus from what is hanging over our heads on our never-ending ‘To-Do List’, and instead centres our perspective on what we’ve already achieved, however small. In doing so, we can more readily remember the highlights, achievements and nice moments of our day or week, and feel motivated to add more to our list of accomplishments. Download your free ‘Done List’ template, created by Emily Bemmer, Psychologist.


Decision Making Checklist


Do you struggle with making decisions? We’ve put together a short checklist to help simplify your decision making and reduce distress. By Emily Bemmer, Psychologist.


Worry Beliefs Checklist


Have you ever thought about why you worry? In this resource, Sarah shares the process she leads her clients through to identify, fact-check, and release positive beliefs about worry. By Sarah Hindle, Clinical Psychologist.

Dealing With Bullying Activity for Kids


Is your child experiencing bullying? Sign up below for some tips on how to respond to the bullying and a brainstorming sheet you can complete with your child on coping with bullying at school. By Jessica Buster, Clinical Psychologist.




Talking about drug use, mental health or the dangers of the internet with your teens can be some of the most awkward, but most important conversations you can have with them. To help with this, we’ve put together our top three online resources for working through online safety, drugs and alcohol and talking about anxiety and depression. By Emily Bemmer, Psychologist.

Mindfulness Bingo


Why not take some time for yourself and go for a mindful walk around your neighbourhood this week? Follow this activity to see how many items you can notice while out-and-about. A fun activity on your own, or with the whole family! And remember, 5 in a row (in any direction) equals BINGO! By Sarah Hindle, Clinical Psychologist.

Parenting Values Pack


As a parent it can feel like you are being pulled in different directions. You want to do what is best for your child, to be the best parent you can be – but – feel like it all ends up in a mess. Pretty much every parent can remember a time where they wish they hadn’t yelled, nagged, or just handled a situation in a more helpful way.  Now is the time to stop and reflect what matters most to you as a parent. 

Values Mind Map


Many people struggle to name the values that they think are important in their everyday lives, and then to incorporate those values into their decision-making. It is helpful to know what values we consider important because value-based living can allow us to feel like our decisions, choices and goals are more self-motivated, attuned or a ‘better fit’. In order to simplify the process, there are a few broad steps we can take towards living our values more fully.  By Michelle Nortje, Clinical Psychologist.

Challenge Your Thinking


I definitely have negative thoughts, but I don’t know what to do about them! Perhaps this is something you’ve told yourself recently, or identified after reading our blog on Identifying Faulty Thinking. Click “download today” to receive a helpful document with starter questions to challenge or reframe your thinking. 



If you find yourself believing that procrastination means that you are simply lazy, consider some of these alternative explanations for what keeps you stuck in a procrastination cycle. To help you with this, Lauren has created a list of some common procrastination-prone thinking patterns, and some alternative ways of thinking that leads to doing. By Lauren Chee, Clinical Psychologist.

Sleep Hygiene Handout


When we get to bed and when we get up is something we can control, and getting enough sleep has far-reaching benefits for our health and increases our capacity to face new challenges and experiences. Need a refresher on good sleep habits? We’ve put together a one-page summary to help remind you of some helpful habits around sleeping. 

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