Taking a stand against fat talk

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Body Image, Eat To Thrive | 0 comments


Taking a stand against fat talk - Psychology and Well Being Hub Gordon

“I was craving ice cream but I decided to be skinny.”

“This shirt makes my arms look huge.”

“She is so skinny, how does she do it?”

Fat talk – negative words we say to put down our own bodies – is sadly an all too common conversation topic today. An overwhelming number of both men and women report regularly engaging in fat talk with their friends and family. Once you start noticing it, you will hear it everywhere – women in the bathroom or a dressing room trying on clothes, men at the gym wanting to gain more muscle, high schoolers scrolling through heavily filtered, staged, and Photoshopped pictures on Instagram, and on TV, on the radio or in magazines.

It’s no surprise that fat talk is damaging to our self-esteem, and normalises the ridiculous standard that men and women must be dissatisfied with their own bodies. So how can we take a stand against fat talk? One way is to notice what the fat talk achieves in your relationships. Are you fat talking to try and fit in with your friends? When a friend shares their own insecurity, do you feel obliged to put down your body in return? Instead of bonding over body bashing, bond over voicing your concern for your friend when they put their body down. Does it give you an outlet to vent your frustrations about your looks? Instead of being frustrated at your body, express anger over the media’s fake images and the pressure to have an unrealistic body. Soothe and comfort your own body by treating it with kindness – enjoy time outside, wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and good, whisper a thank you to your body for all that it does, and how it allows you to experience the world, to hug and dance and enjoy what life has to offer.

Does fat talk sound familiar to you? Do you want to feel more comfortable in your body and feel good about the way you look? You don’t need to settle for feeling negatively about your body. Have a chat with a healthcare professional to start building a healthy body image.