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We Will Be Back Soon

Undergoing Maintenance

The Centre For Effective Living is here to stay,  you can rest easy knowing that we are still operating as normal and you can find us on Facebook in the meantime.

Feature Updates

Our website and online presence is important to us so we are taking the time to improve our technology to help in the most innovative way we know how.

Bug Fixes

Websites are subject to all sorts of bugs and we want to make sure that our website functions exactly as it should at all times. Stay tuned for an improved website real soon!

Do you have an enquiry?

A Psychologist will be in contact with you soon. To help us find the best Psychologist to speak with you, please fill out the following details.  This does not in any way lock you into an appointment.  It does helps us to be efficient in getting the right Psychologist connected with you ASAP.  Thank You.