Will I ever be ‘cured’ of my anxiety?

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Will I ever be ‘cured’ of my anxiety? - Psychology and Well Being Hub Gordon

For those who experience persistent, disabling, or overwhelming anxiety it is normal to wonder if it will ever fully go away. However, while there are excellent, evidence-based treatments available to help manage anxiety, it wouldn’t be right to say that we could absolutely ‘cure’ it.

Anxiety is a normal human emotion which serves a purpose.

Anxiety is part of our normal human emotional repertoire; experienced alongside all other emotions we feel, like sadness, happiness, anger, and love. Like all emotions, anxiety comes and goes.

As an emotion, anxiety is not inherently bad. Far from it. Anxiety provides some useful functions for humans by acting as a warning for things we need to be aware of, helping to motivate us, helping to determine how to act or maintain our physical health and achieve our goals.

Understanding that anxiety is a natural part of the human experience and recognising that in some situations it can be crucial to our survival is helpful when we are tempted to wish it away completely.

The role of treatment for anxiety.

Sometimes our levels of anxiety get out of balance and start interfering with our ability to live our lives. This is when getting some support can be beneficial.

The role of treatment for those experiencing anxiety is to provide understanding, techniques, and strategies to help manage it, not eliminate it completely. Anxiety may still appear but it won’t have as great a hold. Therapy provides an opportunity to build skills, confidence, and resilience to help cope with challenges in life that may make anxiety re-occur so that it doesn’t interfere with how we want to live.

All the psychologists at The Centre for Effective Living are experienced in providing evidence-based treatments for anxiety. Please contact us if you feel we can help you.