Worry Beliefs Checklist

by | Jun 28, 2021 | Anxiety, Psychology, Thinking | 0 comments

Worry Beliefs Checklist - Psychology and Well Being Hub GordonHave you ever thought about why you worry? Most of us believe that worry is helping us somehow, even if we would like to worry less. We start to believe that hypothetical outcomes are real and that by doing mental heavy-lifting, we can protect ourselves. Worry has been described as an elaboration of negative future potential outcomes as well as a mental attempt at problem solving. Whenever I hear a client say ‘what if …?’ I start to listen to what it is they believe they are achieving through worry. When anxiety is high, it is always a good idea to explore which positive beliefs about worry are present, keeping us stuck in the worry cycle. Fact-checking these assumptions is a great way to experience a reduction in anxiety symptoms. Let me share the process I lead my clients through, to identify, fact-check, and release positive beliefs about worry. Click on this link and receive this useful tool in your inbox.